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This is where I dump most of my work.

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words cannot explain my love for nico di angelo
Your cheeks hurt. Probably from all the smiling, you think. They were flushed red too. Your heartbeat was rapid and excited, your legs felt unsteady.

"I love you." Words slip easy from his mouth, as if he was unafraid. As if 'love' didn't cause him manic panic.

Which it did to you,  of course.  You were unexperienced and so was he. How is it he wasn't as scared as you were? How is it he could look at you, his unwavering gaze almost making you shiver, and how he could stand calm.

Love was vague to you. It was a dull feeling, you didn't feel it often. It was unfocused, like the hazy background music through closed doors or the weak glare of light of closed curtains. You were not used to it being so vibrant. It tired you, almost, but there were moments where you felt energised by its effects for days.

He was strong and stood on his feet. There were times where you would admire him, just admiration, and respect him for his strength. You aspired to be like him, to even rise above him. He was a golden image of all you wanted to accomplish as a boy, like an action figure you would look up to on your bedroom shelf.

It amazed you how your hand would fit in his, his thumb gently stroking your back hand unconsciously. His kisses made you feel lightheaded, and you were always quick to pull away, because it scared you how it made you feel so ungrounded. His very existence shook you, like you stood on the epicentre of an earthquake, like the ground was about to give away beneath where you stood.

Yet his hug made you feel secure and safe, and you knew you were protected and guarded. His warmth was contrast to how cold you felt inside, and his hand through your short hair was reassuring. His words were silly to you, yet you would miss it if he took long to respond.

He would laugh and tell you your voice and smile meant the world to him, but you wouldn't believe him- you know you don't have that much power over someone.

"I'll get stronger than you." You said, sweat dripping from your forehead after a good spar. Your breath was in ragged huffs, body hot and burning. You tightened the knot of your belt, as he reached down and did the same.

"Try." He challenged, raising his hands again. You mimicked his actions. You felt rejuvenated again to strive harder. He brought out the strength in you, your fire burned hotter with him.

Yet quiet moments where he would whisper "I love you" again at the nape of your neck near your ears, you felt unsteady again. You were still afraid. You probably always will be that scared little boy who was never on the good side of Love. You take a deep breath and clutch onto his shirt.

"I hate you." You stick your tongue out.

He squeezes your hand in his and hums warmly. His sincere gaze suggests that he knows you mean the exact opposite.

Boy Falls In Love
you know when they say writers don't truly fall in love with someone unless they write about them.....

haha guess what im fucked

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1. The Gunsman

"Please, please..." A man begged.

Silver merely yawned and cleaned the silencer on his gun. "Do us all a favour and put a fucking sock in it, will you?"

He then rolled his eyes as the man sobbed further.

"Is it money that you want? I can give you money! Someone sent you for me, right?! I can pay you double what they're paying you!!" He looked at Silver frantically, eyes wide with hope.

Silver paused momentarily, cocked his head to one side and slightly pressed his ear piece into his ear.

"Hey." He turned his head sideways, speaking into his ear piece. "This guy's got a good deal for me, I just might take it."

Silver's brow furrowed. "What the fuck are you yelling at me for? Money speaks, and times are hard!" Silver waved his gun in the air, and the man backed himself against on the wall further.

Silver's scrunched face then slowly turned into a smile. "That so? Nice doing business with you."

Silver turned his attention back to his shivering target. "Guess what, shithead? My buyer just tripled my pay.  Looks like somebody really wants you dead." Silver smiled.

"I'll- I'll quadruple it!! Please, please , just let me go! Oh God..." The man fell to his knees and cried into his hands.

"Real touchy, I'll give you that." Silver then took his gun and aimed it straight for the man's  head.

"Look pal, I'm not one to judge. Hell, I'm a fucking assassin, but something about a pedophile... just makes me fucking sick." Silver face twisted into one of disgust.

"I won't do it anymore! I'll delete all the pictures I have too! I promise, I promise!!" The man screamed.

Silver's face twisted into disgust. "Shut the fuck up." He pointed at the man's thigh and promptly shot it.

His victim cried out horribly in pain, guttural screaming causing Silver to wince at the disgraceful sounds. He cocked the safety on his gun again, and this time pointed it at his target's head instead.

"See you in Hell, you shit eating bastard."


2. The Slasher

"Why are you running away?" Jun laughed. "I won't hurt you, I just want to play!"

He ran his long, sharp knife against the wall. "Come out,  come out, where ever you are!"

A man shivered in his closet. He pressed his hand to his mouth, trying to make as little noise as possible. He pushed himself up on the wooden back of his cupboard, trying to hide behind his wife's long dresses.

The very same wife that was lying cold on the kitchen floor, throat cut open and in a pool of her own blood.

The thought made him nauseous, and he was momentarily worried he'd give up his position by vomiting his guts out.

He heard the door creak open, and his survival instincts kicked in. He stayed still, not making a sound.

He heard singing and the sound of footsteps, along with the menacing sound of a blade scratching his furniture. Time slowed down and it seemed like he was in the closet for hours. But eventually, he heard the door creak again, and the singing get further and further away.

The man steadied his breathing and slowly opened the closet door, stepping out.

Big mistake.

He registered only the flash of the blade before it pierced his stomach, and he winced as the blade was dragged across his abdomen.

"Really? That's the oldest trick in the book." His murderer sighed.

Jun slashed open the man's stomach, blood spilling everywhere. His victim sunk slowly to floor, as Jun admired how the blood flowed out of his body.

"W-who sent you?"

Jun blinked. "Does it really matter? You're dying anyways, mister."

"Let me die knowing who, then." The man then coughed up blood.

"The CEO who you caused a loss in billions when you conducted corporate espionage on their company and literally drove them to bankruptcy." Jun stated, shrugging. "Messy deal."

"Gregford, that bastard..." The man coughed.  "Say kiddo, you mind granting a dying man's wish?" He looked up.

Jun sighed. "If it's within my means, I don't see why not."

"Finish me off, will ya? Bleeding to death, ain't my style. And tell Gregford to go up himself, I'll see him in Hell."

"You're different, mister, I'll give you that." Jun inched closer and brought the knife on par to the man's throat. "I don't necessarily mean your sparkling personality though, you just talk alot for a guy who got his guts ripped out."

Jun pressed the blade's edge into his victim's throat. "It's been fun playing with you, mister."

3. The Brute  

A smooth punch landed on a guy's jaw, knocking out a good two of his teeth. Hyuu grabbed the man by the collar.

"Look here," He looked at the smudged writing on his hand which seemed like it roughly spelled out 'Sa m el' and he knitted his brow. The sweat mixed with blood and spit had totally made the name illegible. Hyuu looked back at his bleeding victim.

"....Sam." He said finally. "You look like a nice kid. Decent, you know? Nothing irregular about you except some petty theft charges. I bet you just got mixed up in a bad crowd. All my contractor wants to know is who's knocking down pegs in his turf. That's all." Hyuu explained.

The man underneath him spat out the blood in his mouth. "Firstly-", he began,  "It's Saimuel, you jerk. Secondly, as I told you plenty of times before, I don't know shit!" He yelled.

Hyuu sighed. He pushed 'Saimuel' back into the chair he was handcuffed to. "Look kid, I don't have all day. Just give me a name! Point me in a direction! And you and me can go back home. I can see my girlfriend, you can see your mother and your little sister. What do you say?" Hyuu smiled.

Saimuel seemed a little taken aback. "H-How did you-"

"What? How do we know about your family?" Hyuu sneered. "C'mon kid, we aren't novices here."

All of a sudden, the door burst open. A gruff man walked in, bowing his head slightly. "Sir... the guy you talked with earlier..."

Hyuu didn't even turn around. Keeping his eyes fixated on Saimuel, he asked: "What about him?"

"He's.... dead, sir. We confirmed it 3 minutes ago."

Hyuu waved his hand dismissively, and the grunt bowed and shut the door behind him. "Ah, what a pity. I was with him before you. We were chatting just like this." He shrugged. "Now he's dead."

Saimuel gulped down hard.

Hyuu came closer and tugged at Saimuel's hair. "Now give me names." He said threateningly.

"L-look, all I know is these guys call themselves Team Plasma. They're some kind of cultist group who handle Pokèmon exploitation-"

"We know who they are." Hyuu cut him off completely. Saimuel noticed a sharp change in Hyuu's tone.

Hyuu waved his hand in the air again and two goons immediately began uncuffing Saimuel from the chair.

"Usually we don't take kind to people who associate with Team Plasma, but I guess today's your lucky day. You see, I have a soft spot for you. I have a kid sister too, and I can't stand the thought of her growing up without a brother to protect her." Hyuu said.

"Go back to your family Saimuel, and be wise to not get into trouble again."

Hyuu patted Saimuel's shoulder and with deadly undertones he said, "Next time, you may not be as fortunate."

4. Le Folie des deux

Green swiftly snapped a man's neck in seconds. The guard fell silently, making only a small thud as his dead body hit the ground.

Green sighed. "Either security's incredibly loose these days, or I'm just that good." He said, smirking slightly.

'You're already cocky even though you just killed 3 guards tonight, Green.' A familiar voice sounded through his earpiece.

"Hey! There were only 3 guards stationed in the South Wing tonight, and it isn't my fault they have only 3 people guarding the emeralds and rubies in this place." Green raised his hands defensively. "How many have you killed tonight, Red. You can't possibly top my count." He challenged.

'There were 4 guards near the diamond exhibit.' Came the simple reply.

Green hung his head. "How do you always do it?"

'The alarm's going to go off in 3 minutes, Green. We should leave.'

"Yeah, yeah, I'm making my way out. You already have the diamonds, I presume?" Green asked, picking up his bag filled with precious gems and started heading out.

'Yeah. We'll exit through the shaft in the West Wing. Also Green, there are a few guards on patrol-'


Green abruptly came to a halt.  He was met with the face of a guard, pointing a gun straight at him.

"Drop the bag and get on your knees!"

Green dropped the sack near his feet. "Hey, hey. Don't be so hasty there, friend! Oh boy, looks you have an upgrade, huh? The other guy only had a stun gun."

"I said get on your knees!" The guard yelled again, waving his gun.

"Woah, take it easy there buddy!" Green slowly knelt to the ground, his hands in the air.

The guard approached Green cautiously, his gun pointed straight at him. Green merely smiled, his upper face hidden behind a small phantom mask.

However, when the guard shifted his view from Green to the bag of jewels near him, Green immediately grasped the guard's hand and pointed the gun sideways, getting himself out of the line of fire.

Green then kicked the guard's knee, causing him to stumble. In the guard's surprise, his grip loosened on his gun and Green was deftly able tear it from his grasp.

He now pointed the gun at the guard and pulled the trigger without a second's hesitation.

'What took you so long? We have less than one minute before the alarm goes off.'

"Gee. I can totally feel your worry for me, Red." Green said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

'Hurry up, Green.'

"Okay, okay. Jeez, get off my dick." Green mumbled, grabbing his sack of gems.

'The only time I've been on your dick is in your dreams, Green.'

Green smiled. "Hey Red, I guess we're even tonight. That was my 4th guard."

A faint chuckle was heard on the other line. 'Congratulations Green.'

In that exact moment Green passed a security camera, he cockily smiled in its direction before walking out.

That smirking face, with blood splattered all over his mask, was spread all over the news the next day.

'Phantom Thieves strike again, the partners in crime leave Pewter City Jewel Museum looted and 8 Dead in their wake'.

Kontract Killers
this is kinda like pokèboys assassins/bad guy au???? have fun
also wow i haven't been on this site for ages

hyuu here is literally the embodiment of the meme *looks at smudged writing on hand*
Hey hey hey guys! :heart: 

So I'm officially back at school and starting with my 2nd term! I'm already in 11th grade, since the school year here starts in April. 

If you were wondering, I'm taking the following classes!!

It's mostly Science oriented since I'm planning on doing Chemical Engineering in university. We don't have that many classes to choose from here, so it really basic tbh. But the subjects themselves cover alot, sigh. 

But I am also a Vice Captain in the Student Council and it gets really busy. And due to a certain English Teacher who suggested my name to the other teachers, I am now stuck writing the narration/host scripts whenever we organize events or programs at school. Apparently, he would help me, but he can't "match my standard" and it would "bring down my name". You little... (i can't badmouth him since he found my dA via google gdi)

!!! I have also started working on my commissions! If you wanna check the progress of the commission just head over to my Donate box, as I update it regularly concerning progress of commishes. :heart: I'm planning to be more involved with my writing and my dA, since I've been very inactive since the year started.

I started going for Karate back in July, and I've recently gotten my Blue Belt! Ah. Karate is great. I'm having so much fun. :iconloveloveplz:

Also a small heads up, I'm planning to do a Kiriban in the near future. When I'm ready I will post a journal concerning it. Stay tuned!! ovo

I'd also like to thank anyone who commissioned me, again, I'm so happy and I've managed to raise so many points for myself! I will hold it again in the future, since this one was a huge success! :iconuhuhuhuplz:

So, there's this thing... and maybe I'm being overly critical, but seriously, I don't think what I produce is good. It's tacky, at best. My writing style is a mess, sometimes it's not even coherent. My pacing is absolutely terrible, and I can't write characters well at all. While writing I can't describe what's happening well, and I write at the level of a 5 year old. My wording is grotesque. Oh God. It's horrendous. Sometimes I read over my work and I have to look away and cringe. Fuck, how can I write something so badly? Maybe I should just stop. Is something I think alot. 

Actually what I'm trying to say is, I'd like to get your guys' opinion on something: I'm planning to get an ao3 account, account and a sideblog on tumblr for my work. I'm not sure if I should, and I'm really self-conscious about it, honestly. I don't think I'd be that popular, since my writing isn't that great anyway. But I guess, I'd like the opinions of my watchers about it. I honestly am not very confident in my writing, and I don't feel like it could attract anyone? I don't know if it's my self esteem issue here, but honestly when I read my work it's... not that good? Ahhh, I don't know. Hence, I'd like to know what you think! Please tell me your opinions! 

I'm sure alot of you have started school already, and I wish you guys the best of luck! :iconhappyhappyplz:

Never Yours,
Ami. :iconblushuplz:
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  • Listening to: Cellphone Paranoia Girl-Vocaloid
  • Reading: Twelve Red Herrings- Jeffrey Archer
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  • Drinking: Black Tea


AmiHeartsYou's Profile Picture
Arien (Ari) Aquino Tima
Artist | Student | Literature
United Arab Emirates
Hi! :w00t!: I'm Ari/Ami and I'm a Prince. :iconsayhiplz: I enjoy writing and it's the main reason I joined dA. :heart: I am 16, live in Dubai and am a Scorpio. I am an INTP. My favorite colour is Black. I am a boy. I may look like a girl, dress in 'feminine' clothing, but that does not change the fact that I am still a boy. Do not call me a girl. My preferred pronouns are He/Him/His and I accept They/Them. I am pansexual and grey-panromantic (please ask me if you don't know what it means, but really, a simple google search should help you). Please respect that!

My Interests include: Anime/Manga, music, writing, drawing, Karate, games (physical, video, and online), Chemistry, Physics, Literature, Astronomy, Material Science, Mythology, Feminism, the Gender Spectrum, the Sexuality/Romantic Orientation Spectrum, Instruments, Forensic Science, books, poetry, eating sweets, and cats.

demiboy stamp by crownstamps Pansexual Stamp by sunbirds He by techkin
Art is Stamp by ultravioletbat Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose So Many Books by LaPurr
Minions by stuck-in-suburbia Rain by SpitFire19er Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05
Penguin Stamp by hosmer23 Favorite Stamp by Ravechu IWishThisWerentMyMostFavd by VVraith
I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate Tea Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I Respect All Art Stamp Revamp by Sinister-Starfeesh
in Wonderland by SsGirlo i'm in love with someone.. by discorave Open your Mind Stamp by quazo
Visit my tumblr at:


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35 / 1,000
This is just basically a pool so that I can commission other people and gift them points. :dummy:

MY COMMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN! :iconloveloveplz:

Pricing Ranges from 1-5 points only!! uvu
:bulletblack: Very short fics are only 1 point.
:bulletblack: Multiple short drabbles are 2-3 points.
:bulletblack: A one-shot can range from 3-4 points.
:bulletblack: A very detailed piece of work will cost 5 points. (very rare, I will mostly just charge you 4 points.)

There are two spots per person! If you wish to commission me, please read the details -> HERE.

Thank you very much! :iconblushuplz:

Commissions I am currently working on:

These are all my orders for this Commission Slot. I will only erase all the names and start a new slot when the last person has given payment. Thank you for commissioning me!

:bulletblack: kiddopolis | MakoRin | 100% DONE. | No payment required.

:bulletblack: SpectrAbyss | Pool Theme PokeCouples Drabble + Subject I Haven't Written Before | 100% DONE. | PAID.

:bulletblack: Masqurade-Chan | TwinleafShipping | 25% DONE.

:bulletblack: Reaper145 | ContestShipping + Pokémon Drabbles + SNK Drabbles | 0% DONE.

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